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Suction ashtray that sucks in tobacco residues without contact. The aspirated air is filtered. and thus cleanses the odours from the interior as well as from the direct surroundings. Its intelligent system only activates when there are people in the immediate vicinity. The current filling level is reflected by the Ambientlight.
The Frashtray® Phoenix Advertisement displays pictures and videos in all common formats on three 18.5 inch screens. The content can be easily managed via the supplied web application.
In addition WLAN, online level query, online data exchange and filter status query are included. The Frashtray® Phoenix Advertisement can therefore be fully integrated into your digital range of services. We would be happy to give you further information about our products in a personal consultation.

  • 3 suction areas
  • Filtered clean exhaust air
  • Intelligent energy-saving system
  • 3 screens
  • Online

Article number: SFTPAP
Product: Frashtray®
Specification: Phoenix Advertisment, Suction Cups

Suction ranges 3
Capacity cigarettes up to 6000
level indicator LED
Weatherproof Yes
Temperature -10° - +55°
Weight 63.5 kg
Material Steel / VA / V2A
surface Powder coating
Dimensions (in cm) 160 x 30 x 30
Performance 69 W (standby) - 149 W (active)
mains connection 230 V, 50 Hz
economic efficiency Yes
Advertising Audio / MP3, Video & Image Files
Revenue per day x €
Labor cost savings Yes
savings per day 5,38€ - 8,06€
The three glowing cigarette symbols are already visible from afar and in the dark, at first glance. Even with the usual behaviour pattern, the suction function allows "expression of the tobacco product", Ash and embers sucked in by the silver-coloured stainless steel discharge surface so that ash residues do not fall to the floor. This keeps the floor around the Frashtray®.
Smoke, embers, ashes and the tobacco product residues ("tilting") are sucked in at close range. Why? Smoking behaviour has changed! It is no longer smoked comfortably at the ashtray, but it is "thrown in". The smoker of today would like to use the ashtray The ashtray will no longer come into contact - especially if the ashtray is full or gives an unclean impression. This is how conventional Standing ashtrays smouldering fires, which you must extinguish regularly. The Frashtray® supports the altered smoking behaviour effectively through the suction function and literally takes the waste out of the user's hand!
The Ambientlight (illuminated surface / frosted glass optic) shines permanently and always presents your branding clearly visible! Through the use of high-quality materials, your company logo is permanently protected even under extreme influences.
The ultimate plus ultra for your entrance area is Frashtray® Phoenix Advertisement. Up to three screens communicate your messages to each person passing through your entrance area. Do you have a restaurant? A day ticket? A sauna in the basement? Guests who would like to welcome you personally? Tenants to whom you want to rent the advertising space? Use the Frashtray® Phoenix Advertisement as a profitable Advertising medium or impressive infotainment gadget! Update as you like with the help of WLAN availability Video and picture material conveniently via the web app.
Frashtray® Web-App
Content Management & Monitoring
The Frashtray® Web-App offers the exchange of video and image data at Possibility of concrete determination of playback times, also various branding features and monitoring functions. You can set the color of the Ambientlight and the glowing cigarette symbols as desired and set both the filter state and level capacity online and live.

Direct ComparisonFrashtray® / Standaschenbecher

  • Frashtray®
  • Intake Technology
  • safe storage
  • filtered exhaust air
  • clean environment
  • capacity approx. 6.000 cigarette rests
  • cultivated ambience
  • environmental protection
  • easy maintenance due to automated operating data display
  • efficient operation through automated control
  • advertising / amortization
  • regular stand ashtray
  • Berührung mit dem Aschenbecher
  • fire hazard
  • odor nuisance
  • butts next to the ashtray
  • low capacity
  • bad impression
  • pollution
  • increased service effort
  • not Available
  • not Available



Since our foundation in 2014 we have built up a considerable clientele in Germany and all over the world and are happy about so many satisfied customers! We would like to give you an excerpt of our references here.


Im Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin ist es für uns wichtig, mit der Zeit zu gehen, um den hohen Ansprüchen unserer Gäste gerecht zu werden. Die fortschreitende Digitalisierung ist ein wichtiger Teil des Prozesses, bei dem wir mit Frashtray® den in Hotels oft vergessenen Raucherbereich professionell abdecken und Informationen wie Pausenzeiten, Öffnungszeiten oder spezielle Angebote charmant vermitteln können.
Mariusz Siwkovski Digital Manager, Hotel Mercure MOA Berlin
There is currently only one designated smoking area in Rulantica and it is always well attended. Hundreds of cigarettes are produced here every day! We are really happy to have found such a low-maintenance and clean solution with the Frashtray®.It is really amazing how clean the smoking area is and how well the guests accept the Frashtray®.
Arne Weimann Deputy Director F&B Europa-Park Rust
In short, Frashtray® are the best product on the market for smoking areas and especially for the entrance area - we are very satisfied and will continue to choose Frashtray® Advertisement models in the future.
Arno Sonderfeld Management, MK Hotels
Our Frashtray® enjoys great popularity with our smoking guests from Denkwerk Herford and has become the centre of communication. The filter technology draws in the smoke from the device and releases it practically odourless. This also pleases non-smokers.
Oliver Flaskämper CEO, DH Verwaltungs GmbH & Co. KG
We particularly like the Frashtray® One - since we installed a device in front of our entrance in October 2015, smoking and ash residues have been a thing of the past. We are very satisfied.

In September 2018 we bought another Frashtray® as a gift for one of our customers at Studimus.
Elmar Hanff Authorized Signatory, B&F Metalltechnik GmbH
We have successfully used the Frashtray® Slim at our events. It was very well received by the guests. By playing smart sayings, we could also use the device as a wonderful advertising medium. So we will continue to work with this innovative product in the future.
Maik Böse Owner, Böse Events
During the video shooting with Buten and Binnen the Frashtray® Slim attracted the attention of the guests. No stench and the cigarettes are simply sucked in - really cool!Beim Videodreh mit Buten und Binnen hat der Frashtray® Slim die Aufmerksamkeit der Gäste voll und ganz auf sich gezogen. Kein Gestank und die Kippen werden einfach eingesaugt – echt cool!
Stefan Thoms Operations Manager, Brasserie Grand Café
The creative implementation and the sustainability factor of Studimus deserve special mention. With their product Frashtray® Slim, they have developed a product that makes sense and gives pleasure. This is mainly due to the commitment of the entrepreneurs.
Iris Behrens Center Manager, ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H. & Co. KG
The first time on the MS KOI at the Dance del Mar Party was pure conviction - just awesome. We used the audio module in the smoking area for lounge music. The design and the sucking in of the glowing cigarettes appealed to me personally.

Frashtray® is the excellent opportunity to enhance the smoking area at high-quality events and to make it a communicative point for everyone and to keep it clean. An enrichment for every demanding event.
Stevie Evers Owner, Evers Akzente/ Dance Del Mar
Especially in the busy pre-Christmas period, the Frashtray® Slim worked well without failures and was well received by the interested public. The Frashtray® Slim minimized smoking residues as well as smoke from smoking guests.
Marco Struck Center Manager, famila Verbrauchermarkt Einkaufsstätte GmbH & Co.KG.
Besonders in der arbeitsreichen Vorweihnachtszeit funktionierte der Frashtray® Slim einwandfrei und wurde von der interessierten Öffentlichkeit gut angenommen. Der Frashtray® Slim minimierte Rauchrückstände sowie den Rauch von rauchenden Gästen.
Janneke Mertens-Fabian GIZ GmbH Oldenburg/ TGO Oldenburg
Since we have the Frashtray® in front of the door there are no more problems with smoke from the ashtray, it is great that there is no smoke in the restaurant and even fortune cookie wrappings are sucked in by the Frashtray® without problems. Simply beautiful, our guests are thrilled.
Guanfu Wu Owner, Kings Garden Mongolisches Restaurant Wardenburg
Frashtray® is just awesome! No more fags on the floor, no more stench in the bar - what could be better than ashtrays.
Fin Classen Barmanager, etc. Gaststättenbetriebs GmbH (Kritz)
Two models of the Frashtray® Slim were used at our event Lost in Music in Vechta - and were immediately convincing! Visually an eye-catcher and they deliver what they promise: clean air, good music and less work cleaning the smoking area.
Wilko AFF Event Manager, Plus2Event GmbH